Heaven on earth

Mohni –  an island visited by nuns, pirates, vikings, poets and also artists

In the middle of the deepest coastal sea on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, you can find a peculiar island rising from the sea - Mohni

Mohni is an island that only a few million years ago guaranteed the honor of the northernmost point of mainland Estonia to the Käsmu peninsula. The island has always had a high strategic value for sailors, who have been guided by the lighthouse and to the coastal people who have found shelter and food on the island. And when the coastal people learned how to use the guiding light of the island wisely - shelter and gifts lasted for a long time. Not always gifts of nature, but with the help of nature.  

Even today Mohni offers a supportive shoulder for creativity with its enchanting views, both stormy and silent sea, and creates a unique scenery by hiding the sun behind it for some hours in the summer. And what could be a better fertilizer for creativity than a holiday on the island itself - choose a nice hiking trail or a trip in the wildest part of Mohni or just spend the day on one of the two sandy beaches of the island. In recent summers, working people have taken the opportunity to use the island as their home office.

Boat transfer

Child (up to 14 years old)
Minimum starting fee 85 eur

Mandatory life jackets are included.
Boat transfers are available only in daylight in fog-free conditions with wind no more than 10 m / s

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Accommodation on the island

Night in a tent
Night in a bunkbed
Night in a  bunkbed with hotel bed linen (blankets and pillows included)
Prices include 20% VAT
Accommodation in Mohni includes 9% VAT

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