At the end of the world there is an harbour

The old fishing port has turned into a marina!
Navigating towards the harbor from the North, you will be greeted by the Mohni Lighthouse - a faithful companion until our two chimneys appear at the starboard.

The port navigation period begins at May 1st and lasts until September 30th

The port of Viinistu was established in 2010 and corresponds to all the needs of a contemporary small vessels harbor.
Harbourmaster: +372 5622 9660
112 Emergency Centre
1313 Environmental Inspection Agency
6191224 Sea Inspection Agency
6205500 Maritime Administration

Please inform the harbormaster of any incidents taking place on harbor territory:
+372 5622 9660
Services & prices
Season ticket
Vessel up to 6m 
20€ / night
Vessel  6+ m 
25€ / night

Short stay until 3h  
Port services for the visitors from the sea
Other harbour services
Ramp use
Parking a motor vehicle on port territory
Seaview sauna up to 10 people (1h)
Bicycle rental 
(1h / 2h / all day)
6€/ 8€/ 15€
Parking a trailer on port territory
(1h / 2h)
7€ / 10€
Trip to the Mohni island

Boat transfer
Child up to 14 (incl)

Minimum charge for the trip 85€

* life jackets, driving in daylight fog-free conditions with wind not more than 10 m / s

Accommodation on the island
Bunk bed with a sleeping bag
Bunk bed with hotel bed linen
Fees include VAT 20%
Mohni accommodation includes VAT 9%

Read more about Mohni
Location & info
The area of the port is located in the northwest-southeast direction. The fairway opens to the east, the ramp is located in the northwest corner. The quay has a concrete and wooden metal structure.

The port has 24 berths.

Closed territory & manned guarding

On the western side of the water area there is a 5-seater berth for small vessels.

Designed draught 1.5 m
The main berth on the north side allows to receive vessels with a draft of 2.5 meters, the berth has two posts to supply electricity and water to the vessels.

  • length 60 m;

  • 13 sterns buoys;

  • the distance of the stern buoys from the berth is 16 meters;

  • the distance between the stern buoys is 3.5 meters;

  • stern buoys weight 500kg;

  • 2 stationary risers for supplying water & electricity to vessels;
Southern berth
A vessel with a draft of up to 2.75 meters can be docked by the south quay.

  • length 30 m;

  • 5 sterns;

  • the distance of the stern buoys from the berth is 13-14 meters;

  • the distance between the stern buoys is 2.5 meters;

  • stern buoys weight 500kg;

  • there is no access to water and electricity